David Ramsbottom - Creative Director at Red Engine

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Olivia knows that she is undoubtedly one of the most talented and hard-working designers out there. She can put her skills to a huge range of channels and can either develop or pick up styles and brands effortlessly. Her Northern charm and personal skills make any team she's part of that much richer for having her involved.


Mary Paschentis - Studio Manager at Red Engine

Olivia's enthusiastic, proactive personality is an infectious tonic for anyone she works with. She approaches her work with great care, diligence, and detail while remains unphased and smiling by even the most daunting tasks.
Olivia's dedication influences everything she does which only amplifies her professionalism.
She is a pleasure to work with and a fantastic asset to every team she works with.


Julian Metcalfe - Founder of Itsu and Pret a Manger

Olivia worked on a freelance basis for Itsu from October to December on a number of projects, most notably our revised Partnership Brochure. During her time with us she was professional and hardworking with excellent attention to detail producing results beyond our expectations.

Olivia was friendly, approachable, and integrated well within our marketing team. As a result, we asked her to continue with us to assist with some additional work for our website, packaging design refreshes, and creating the assets for our January marketing campaign. This work was completed on time to an exceptional standard and we would highly recommend her to any future employer.


Hilary Maxwell - Chair at GO Girls

Well what a find – Olivia Newall. A true professional with a flair for design and imagery. Olivia has helped us with our One Million 5p Challenge campaign. She captured the brief quickly and her turnaround from this to the first concept was timely and to a high quality. We’ve loved working with Olivia too – she’s been approachable and full of integrity. GO Girls don’t feel she’d disappoint and we very much hope we have the opportunity to work with her again – she’s a real winner, so what are you waiting for – contact her today is what GO Girls would say.


Annabel Causer - Founder and CMO of HonestBrew

Olivia has been freelancing for Honest Brew since August 2017 and has always delivered on every project she’s worked on. She has a great understanding of the brand and consistently produces work to a high level. We’re grateful to have her as part of the HB team.


Britney Beeby - Art Director at HonestBrew

Olivia has consistently delivered design work of an impeccably high standard. She takes direction well and turns designs around in a timely manner. Her wonderful nature and positive attitude make her a pleasure to have as part of our design team at Honest Brew. She is always eager to learn and constantly looking to take on new challenges to expand her knowledge and skillset in the creative fields. Olivia would be an asset to any company who hires her.