Freelance Client

Andrea came to me following years of working as a dermatologist. She wanted to launch her own skincare range to sell to her clients and potentially on a larger scale in the future. 

Her range consisted of supercritically extracted oils - oils in their purest form which can be used for the skin, body and hair. There was a gap in the market for these oils but a rising trend in biodynamic beauty production.

Andrea really liked the Beauty and Wellbeing brand Moon Juice and wanted to emanate it’s fun, informal vibe whilst still retaining the credibility of a technical beauty product.

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We began the process by looking at areas within beauty that we could potentially explore, pulling together inspiration into themes, analysing current competitor products and how clinical/natural these products appeared to be based on their branding - a spectrum myself and Andrea created in order to allow us to choose where we felt the new brand should sit.  

From here we were able to conceptualise branding ideas based on this inspiration, whittling down until we had a solution that emanated the values of Andrea’s new brand. 

Andrea chose this developed identity as it reflected a modern interpretation of an apothecary label. The script-style font reflects the personal and artisanal touches she adds to her products.

We chose soft, muted colours to differentiate between the products in the range and the strap-line ‘straight-up beauty’, which along with the rest of the brand's messaging, takes on a positive, feel-good nature and reflects the ranges aims to provide superior, confidence-boosting skincare.

The branding is now complete and the product range in development for launch.