Freelance Designer

A part-time freelance contract with the U.K’s leading online craft beer retailer. Responsibilities included creating content for digital and print including email marketing and social media, product visuals, campaign branding, animation and video editing as well as providing assistance in art direction and developing the brand's
long and short-term strategy.

Art Director: Britney Beeby (2017-2019) Elaine Yeung (2019-2020)



Campaign branding design and production of various accompanying assets for the company website, press and social media for Christmas 2020. I wanted to create something away from the standard red and green colour palette but still warm, inviting and joyful as the target market looked towards a ‘stay-at-home’ Christmas. The campaign was a success with all Christmas-related stock selling out 3 weeks before forecasted.


Examples of the visual assets created weekly for e-newsletter marketing and social media, highlighting the best of craft beer and breweries.


Loyalty campaign design using bold iconography to pull out the key incentives on offer.


'Drink Great Beer' campaign print assets for the Metro.


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