Freelance Client

Luca and Emilia approached me to design the logo and branding for their new startup which offered pop-up Aperitivo experiences in London.


I created the branding, logo, menus, and website homepage design, directing in terms of content and strategy.


I wanted to create something that emanated the iconic Italian designer Ettore Sottsass’s bright colours and geometric shapes, also taking inspiration from Campari’s advertising
(a liquor synonymous with Aperitivo). The result was an identity that combined retro Italian design with modernity.


To allude to the idea of opening up and relaxing after work, the coloured graphical elements are purported as if they have ‘come loose’ from the logo, appearing randomly.

Luca and Emilia wanted there to be a strong focus on the social side of Aperitivo, which drove the decision to have illustrations of people as a main visual feature.